Specialty Services

VIP Support


The mission of The Doula House is to nurture you and help you to return to a calm and joyful state. 

Many new parents are looking for a “baby manual” or “baby guru;” 

with the VIP Care and Concierge Services from The Doula House that is exactly what you get.

Maternity Supports


As the premier maternity consulting group and Doula Agency in Salt Lake, The Doula House provides an expansive array of premium services designed to provide you with the ultimate maternity experience. 

Our services are designed to bring ease and peace of mind, and to relieve the stress of preparing for the arrival of your baby. 

Bed Rest Support


 If you are on best rest, you know that there are not many things that you can do or accomplish while laying there in bed. 

This limitation, along with the mental frustration and the emotional ups and downs that come along with bed rest can cause a great deal of stress on the whole family. 

Happy Baby Check Up



When your baby reaches the 4-6 month mark, parents can experience major challenges when it comes to coping with new behaviors and allowing your baby to experience the scope of their new surroundings.

Your infant will go from arms only to roving seeker of everything new, even things you feel they cannot reach. 

Powerful Parenting Club



Our Powerful Parenting Club is a membership only club for parents; created in response to clients we have worked with who continued to have parenting related questions after their birth or postpartum support has ended. 

As your child goes through their developmental stages naturally questions will arise.

Surrogacy and Intended Parents


Every parent and couple has specialized needs and goals, we help you discover and evaluate those needs and support you through each step. 

We create a unique plan to care for the intended parents and their surrogate, allowing the end of your surrogacy  journey and your transition to parenthood to be filled with joy, confidence, and peace.